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Cannot convert multiple page tiff file to PNG format


I just tried to convert a multiple pages tiff file to multiple png files, but it only can convert the first page.

Could you help to check?



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Unfortunately from your post is not clear which version of the Conversion library you use - could you please share your Conversion library version.

Also could you please share with us which license type you use - this behavior is similar to that which occurs if you doesn’t set a license.

Best regards.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as CONVERSIONNET-749) have been fixed in this update.

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I am using Groupdocs.Conversion

Following is my source code for your reference. I am ensure I have apply the license

public void ConvertToImageAsPath(String fileName, String inputPath, String outputPath)
String licensePath = @“C:\D\GroupDocs\3.0\GroupDocsPOC\GroupDocs.Conversion.lic”;

ConversionConfig conversionConfig = new ConversionConfig { StoragePath = inputPath, OutputPath = outputPath };

conversionConfig.UseCache = false;

ConversionHandler conversionHandler= new ConversionHandler(conversionConfig);

GroupDocs.Conversion.License license = new GroupDocs.Conversion.License();

ImageSaveOptions imageSaveOptions = new ImageSaveOptions();
imageSaveOptions.OutputType = OutputType.String;
imageSaveOptions.ConvertFileType = ImageSaveOptions.ImageFileType.Png;

var conversionDocumentPath = conversionHandler.Convert(fileName, imageSaveOptions);



Hi Beary,

Thank you for confirming about the API version.

Could you please provide us the problematic TIFF in order to replicate the issue at our end?

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I have attached the problematic tiff file as a zip file on the first post, please download and extract the zip file. Because your website does not support uploading tiff file directly. Please help to do the investigation as I mentioned. Thank you so much!



Sorry for the inconvenience.

We have verified this scenario and found issue with this conversion and notified Product team for solution.

We have reported this issue to Product team once we have any update from them we will inform you here.

Thanks you for your patience.


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Hi team,

Do you have any update for this?



Thank you for asking, hopefully by the end of April 2016 new release will be available, please stay tuned by subscribe here.

Warm Regards,