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Cannot sign the form. Not all mandatory fields filled



I have a form embedded and no matter how many time i try it gives me this error when submitting:
Cannot sign the form. Not all mandatory fields filled.
There is only one field in it - which is the signature!

Any ideas?


Hello Martin,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. We're sorry to hear that you'd issues with document signing. If you can
provide please details of the following, that will help us investigate the issue:

1. Share the form ID or maybe a link to the form.
2. Share the document or its GUID to test it.
3. Share the Web-browser and the OS used.
4. Share your GroupDocs login (email).

After that our support developers will try to reproduce the issue and help you to resolve it. We will notify you with results as soon as possible.

Hi Martin,

We are glad to notify you that we found out the reason of the issue and fixed it for you. In your signature form there was additional field (date field) and it was invisible becouse it had no location. Our core developer updated the form - removed that date field and now the form works well. Please check if it works for you as well.

Do you know how that date field was added to the form? Could you please share how you created the form?


I’m also experiencing that same issue, however I can’t figure out how to go into my form to edit this myself. Are you not able to edit forms after they’ve been created?

My info is:
Form ID: 3c897d638c0fc87420cead6b9c7c0a91
Viewing on Chrome on Mac Maverick
login email is


Hello Bishop,

We are sorry to hear that you faced with such issue. We investigated your request, unfortunately you can’t edit published signature form. To solve the issue please create new signature form.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to get back in touch.