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Cannot view the uploaded template . Getting "The request is not signed properly"

I am trying to view and download the already uploaded template in the Groupdocs. I am not able to as I am getting the below error:

The request is not signed properly

Screenshot is attached.

Capture.PNG (21.2 KB)

I saw this is already raised on but I cannot access the link.

Hi @sunil.paul Thank you for your request. Please check this documentation for how to sign the URL.

Best regards.

Thanks @pavelteplitsky. But it is like I just uploaded one template, I can edit it but I cannot view it. The documentation says signing URL to prevent unauthorized access… I can access it for editing but not for viewing.

Hi @sunil.paul Thank you for coming back. Could you please share your GroupDocs account email that we can check the logs and also will be useful if you share detailed step by step description of you you do to reproduce the issue.

Best regards.

@pavelteplitsky. Here are the details.



  1. Go to
  2. Upload a pdf Template
  3. Come back to
  4. Click on the “Down Arrow Icon” at the extreme end of the document you have just uploaded. And then select View.
  5. You will get the page I have uploaded in the Original Post saying the request is not signed properly.

Hi @sunil.paul Thank you for the guide. I was able to reproduce the issue and we have created a bug ticket for. Our Product team will resolve it ASAP.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Is it possible for us to track it? Can you tell me if I can know when it is fixed?

Hi @sunil.paul I will notify you here.

Best regards.

Hi @sunil.paul I’m glad to notify you that the issue is resolved. Please try again and notify us with the results.

Best regards.

@pavelteplitsky It’s working now. Thank you for the quick fix.

Hi @sunil.paul Thank you for notifying.

Best regards.