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Can't open file by dynamic POST filename (some type)

when default file powerpoint and exel show “Cannot open presentation.” Or “Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index” same image

But type .doc .png .jpg and whatever can open normal.
how fix open type .xlsx and .pptx

code default file name image.png (26.3 KB)

.xlsx image.png (18.0 KB)
.ppt image.png (14.7 KB)
.doc image.png (71.2 KB)


It seems that you are evaluating the application in trial mode (without a license). Please avail a temporary license here and let us know if issue persists.

i think i already add license image.png (2.9 KB) but total product license.


We’ve logged this issue on GitHub. Please keep track of this link. However, we’ll notify you here as well in case of any update.

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pls. follow this case thanks you so much.


Please have a look at this comment.