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Capture electronic signatures from pad in .NET

In my company we are looking for how to capture electronic signatures using a pad in our solution made in c #. We are looking for something that we can use no matter what brand of pad the client has. I don’t know if it’s possible with your product.

Any Sdk for .net to to that?



We are looking into the possibility if electronic signatures could be captured using a pad. Your investigation ticket ID is SIGNATURENET-3232. You’ll be notified in case of any progress update.

Ok, Thanks for your help…


You’re welcome.


Could you please tell, how users will add signatures on pad, will users use some links or special web page, what types of signatures you will need to add (text, image, digital signature, sign existing form-fields - like a Pdf digital form etc)?


In our application we scan a document in image format. Then we want to ask the patient in this case to give us her signature using a pad such as the topaz brand. Then we must capture that signature and integrate it into the previously scanned image document.

Like in a medical office when they ask you for a signature on an electronic pad.

Thanks for your help.


We’re investigating this scenario. You’ll be notified as there’s any update.


When you sign using pen on a Topaz device, it’ll generate signature as an image. Next, this image could be passed to our Signature API. In other words, there must be a development layer to bring the image into our Signature API.

@jmelendez, please share if you was able to solve your needs with the Signature product?
So far, as mentioned above, the GroupDocs Signature will allow you to manipulate document with any operation to add, verify, delete document data (text, image, barcode, QR-codes, digital certificates, metadata, watermarks, annotations) but it does not communicate with various devices to obtain the data. In your case there should be your custom layer that will obtain the image and pass it to Signature API / library whatever.
Thank you!