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Change table names



I'm trying trial version of .NET library and I cannot find the way to change the names of database tables (Annotations, Users ...). Is there any way to do that ?




GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET doesn’t allow to change the names of the database tables. They should be the same as here. If you will change a datatable name, GroupDocs.Annotation wouldn’t be able to find it and will fail to work. If you don’t want to hold GroupDocs.Annotation-related tables in your MS SQL Server database, you can enable internal JSON storage for GroupDocs.Annotation: in this case GroupDocs.Annotation stores all data in the JSON files.

For enabling JSON storage please perform a GroupDocs.Annotation initialization as it is shown below:
Groupdocs.Web.Annotation.WidgetFactory.Initialize(this.Context, true, “~/App_Data”);



Ok, thank you for very fast reply