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Choosing a Right License


we are planning to use Aspose to show preview for files shared by users in our Product (Flock). Flock is team messaging app simillar to Slack and Microsoft Teams. Flock can be used using mobile app as well as web application. We are planning to use Aspose.Total for Java to generate previews for file shared in flock.

we will use aspose in the following usecase.

when user shares any file with his team members inside flock, flock will show a preview of the file to the user. This preview will be generated in our servers using aspose sdk(Aspose.Total for Java).

There will be only 1 developer working on this feature. can you help us with the correct licensing model applicable for this.

Also can you please check if it is possible to catch on a call to discuss this. If yes can you please help us scheduling a meeting with your team.



Since your main requirement is previewing files, so I think GroupDocs will suit your needs well. I am moving your query to respective forum so you will be assisted better there.


This could be achieved by GroupDocs.Viewer for Java. API allows you following view options:

  • JPG view option
  • PNG view option

Have a look at this documentation article and following code:

   Viewer viewer = new Viewer("sample.docx");
   PngViewOptions viewOptions = new PngViewOptions();

You can avail a GroupDocs.Total for Java or GroupDocs.Viewer for Java license. Have a look at this article to learn about GroupDocs.Viewer licensing.
Please let us know if you have any further queries regarding this API.

@atirtahir3 Thanks for your response.

Please help to answer following queries too.

  1. What are implications if we use the SDK after the purchased licence expires(Ex: 1 year)?
  2. What happens if we don’t need updates and if we don’t want to renew the existing licence?
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When you purchase a license, it stays valid for all the new versions that are released before the subscription expiry date. However, API versions that are released after subscription expiry date of your license, won’t be valid for your license.

Suppose you are using API version 20.7 and your license subscription date expires before the release of 20.8. You cannot implement features or bug fixes introduced in 20.8. However, you still can implement 20.7 without any limitation. As your subscription stays valid for 20.7.