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Clean metadata and set values back again using .NET


In this blog,
I find some message about how to remove some properties. Then I try to use ClenMetadata() function, it works, metadata in doc/docx file are all cleaned. But it looks like it will remove some properties that we don’t want to remove. Some properties like Words, Version in doc/docx file are removed, and I can’t use function SetValue() to set again.

Do you have any document that says what properties will CleanMetadata() remove? And what properties we can set it back using SetValue().

lib version :
GroupDocs.Metadata for .Net 18.2
sample code :

Hi @Glority_Developer,

DocFormat.CleanMetadata() function cleans all document properties which include built-in document properties and custom document properties. You can get the list of the built-in document properties that are affected by CleanMetadata function using the code snippet provided here.

GroupDocs.Metadata does not support setting values of all the document properties. This API reference article contains the list of the document properties along with the information whether they can be set or not.

We will also check if it is possible to provide the feature of updating the other properties i.e. Words and Version. For this, we have logged this scenario in our Issue Tracking System (with ID: METADATANET-2296). we will get back to you in case of any further updates.