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Clicking on a hyperlink in a document



It would be good for us the viewer (if the document has hyperlinks) the same can be clickable.

It may be possible to implement this functionality?

Thank you.

Alexis Rosano.


Hello Alexis,

Thank you for the proposition, this is an absolutely correct suggestion. Our developers will investigate this feature (its complexity, estimate of the time and so on). We will notify you in this forum thread if there will be any update on this feature or we will require new details.



Hello Alexis,

Can you give us a sample document with the link which must be made clickable when displaying in the GroupDocs.Viewer? An implementation of this feature depends on the specific document and its type, so we want to obtain this document.

Thanks and waiting for a document. If this document is confidential, you can make this forum thread private - as usual.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as WEB-1092) have been fixed in this update.

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Document type: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF.

I have sent you an email with the attached files.


Hello Alexis,

We obtained your files, thanks. Our developers have started to investigate this task. When there will be any news, we will notify you in this forum thread.



At this moment in the GroupDocs.Viewer version 2.4.5409.30542 (that you have obtained before) for the Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents clicking on a hyperlink is already working in the HTML-based mode. Now developers are working on implementing such functionality for the PDF documents. Do you need this feature for HTML-mode, or for the image-based mode too?


Yes please, for both (HTML and image based mode) it would be great.


External links are working in the PDF too.

but Internal links are not working in the PDF.

for Example: I have a Table content in my PDF and they go to different pages of the PDF on clicking the Title.
But this is not working…

Also if I have a video in my PDF then it is not working. It converts the video to Image.

Any work out or solution will be appreciable.

Lakhan Pariyani
Software Engineer L2


Hi Lakhan,

Thanks for your query.

Currently, your mentioned features are not supported by GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET and the interactive PDF document is rendered into static HTML pages. However, we have logged your request as a new feature in our Issue Tracking System. We shall further investigate this issue and in case of any updates, we’ll inform you.

Warm Regards