Cloud API - is there a mobile responsive version?


Hi Pavel, we have been using Groupdocs Signature through the Cloud API for about 5/6 years now. We have noticed a lot more user friendly products out there specically with regard to a Mobile Reponsive interface for users.

Has there been an upgrade either on the Cloud API or the Local/ Licenced version that mqke the UI now mobile responsive?



Thank you for your inquiry.

We’d like to inform you that the next generation GroupDocs.Signature is a totally back-end, UI-agnostic API that could be integrated in any (.NET or Java) project without any framework or platform dependency. Can you please tell us the platform (.NET or Java) you’re working on?


Hi that is good news! We are working on the “Cloud API version” not the .NET or Java version. When will each of these versions be updated?



Thank you for sharing details. We are pleased to share that the Next Generation GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud UI less API is now available to integrate with any application or platform, please click here for complete documentation and details.


Please confirm if this version supports Ruby on rails a s a development language.

We have been using the old version of Groupdocs since 2012 but it seems this new version does not support Ruby?

Please confirm as we would like to continue with Groupdocs but it needs to support Ruby.



Thank you for coming back to the GroupDocs Support Forum.

Yes Next Generation GroupDocs Cloud APIs supports Ruby as a development language and you can consume GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API features in your Ruby on Rails application. However, our SDK for Ruby will be available in the near future and this is the feature request ticket id “SIGNATURECLOUD-281”. Once Ruby sdk is available for public use we will inform you here.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Thanks Muhammad, is this something that is planned for the near future?



Yes, It is planned for the near future, but we cannot share the timelines now. However, we are also following this feature request and once it’s available for public use, we will inform you here immediately.

Please feel free to contact us if you will have any other further question.

Thank you for your patience


HI Muhammad, any more updates on this topic?



Thank you for your inquiry.

I have checked your requested feature “SIGNATURECLOUD-281” status, it is currently in queue for development. If you have a valid GroupDocs Cloud license or a support subscription then we can raise your ticket priority level as well. Kindly confirm the status your license validation.