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Combine Signature and Viewer APIs in .NET

We have a GroupDocs.Total license and we have a particular use case where we need to add the GroupDocs.Signature functionality to GroupDocs.Viewer. Is there any way possible to do this?

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Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs APIs and posting the query.

GroupDocs.Total licence will surely allow you to use these (GroupDocs.Signature for .NET and GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET) APIs altogether. And yes you can implement your use case, for that purpose we have some useful resources for you.
This front end projects will demonstrate how to add the GroupDocs.Signature for .NET functionality to GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.
Furthermore, please go through the given documentation and example projects resources:

Resources for GroupDocs.Signature for .NET
Resources for GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET

We would recommend you to go through the above mentioned resources and share your experience with us.

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Thanks for the reply. The showcase you linked to show’s just GroupDocs.Signature as far as I can tell, are there any examples of using GroupDocs.Signature and GroupDocs.Viewer together?

Hi Doug,

The showcase that I shared with you basically demonstrates how both APIs can work together.
We would like to tell you that GroupDocs.Signature for .NET and GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET both are Next Generation UI-Independent (totally back-end) APIs. They can be integrated in any .NET project.
So what makes these Next Generation APIs so special ?
You can integrate them in a single project (for instance your own new UI project) and can utilize their complete functionalities without any dependency issue.
Many Thanks