Combined examples for Annotation- Compare- and Viewer


I am working on using your three products (Annotations, Compare, an Viewer) for the latest release. I used your old version. Although we were able to integrate them, it was not easy. We intend to do the same as we upgrade to the latest.

I like that you have examples in GitHub but they are still built as separate applications. Is it possible that you create a single solution with all three combined?





Hi Leo,

Thank you for using GroupDocs products.

GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET showcase example project is working with both GroupDocs.Viewer and GroupDocs.Comparison APIs. Unfortunately there is no such example available where Comparison, Annotation and Viewer APIs used in single front-end, However i will forward your request to example team for feasibility and ETA. Once we have any update from concerned team we will inform you here.

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Looking forward to a working combined sample code!

I tried the comparison viewer but there seems to be no link to view the compared document so I don’t know if it works or not.

Also, I see that you have different ways of defining the license declaration. Does this mean that we need to define the license per product in the Global.asax? or declaring one should suffice (see below)?

License license = new License();





Thank you for your inquiry.

I tried the comparison viewer but there seems to be no link to view the compared document so I don’t know if it works or not.

We are not sure about the exact issue highlighted above, please share some more detail for our understanding.

Regarding applying license, there are different ways to set license for a GroupDocs APIs and as you shared the method will also work for your application, while using multiple GroupDocs API’s in a single solution we recommend you to use a single GroupDocs.Total for .NET license file.

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When running the demo, the only link I can load is the compared file but I don’t see the link to view the file.

Can you send me a screenshot on where I could view the document from the demo using the Viewer API?

Also, I am using a GroupDocs.Total license.



Thank you for sharing details.

Currently GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET front-end example is running with default files setting, However you can set other files for comparison from placing them in AppData folder and setting file names from “Index.cshtml” file. For more details please find the attached screenshot.

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