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Compare and find difference between documents using C#

Our situation is that we have document templates that get merged with data at our print shop at which point we are sent back a sample of the merge. Currently we have staff that manually compare and the docs which is time consuming. I am trying to write code that will compare the template doc to the sample doc and verify that the only differences between them is the data that was merged and returned on the sample, but need a 3rd party compare to make it happen. Again, we are not looking for a visual compare, we need a list that we can mine to compare to the data sent for the merge. Does your product fit this need?


Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Comparison and posting your concerns.
GroupDocs.Comparison API allows you to compare any two supported documents and display differences between them.
You can get comparison summary and highlight style changes (items inserted or deleted).

We offer GroupDocs.Comparison as a back-end (for Java and .NET) and cloud API. Our back-end APIs are UI-Agnostic and they can be integrated in any .NET or Java application.
Please go through the following resources in order to learn more about the back-end API:

Documentation - API Documentation for .NET
GitHub Sample projects - Open-source .NET Examples

Documentation - API Documentation for Java
GitHub Sample projects - Open-source Java Examples

However, using our cloud SDKs you can compare files and generate a difference report with the ability to merge the changes.
Please let us know either you are interested in our Cloud or back-end API.