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Compare documents in ASP.NET

I am using ASP.NET as front end and C# as back end. My query is as follows

  1. I am not finding to which URL i need to upload my file so that I can get my GUID
  2. I am using this line of code Groupdocs.Api.Contract.UploadRequestResult but I am not understanding why I am getting assembly reference not found for UploadRequestResult .

Do you guys have a sample project for ASP.NET C# for comparison of documents.


Thank you for showing your interest in GroupDocs.Comparison API.

Kindly let us know the version of the API you are using, So that we can guide you accordingly.
We would also like to inform you that GroupDocs.Comparison not only provides support for .NET for its Cloud API but we also have GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET API which is a totally UI-independent back-end API specifically dedicated to build .NET applications.We also suggest you to check out the sample project hosted on github, specifically the Showcase projects which contain some sample front-end projects showing some of the features of the .NET API in action. These examples contain code for comparison of documents as well. We look forward to hear from you.

Thanks rida ,
I am using this version of Updated .net SDK - AssemblyVersion(“1.4.365.4382”) to build my application.
Can you please give me to right DLL .
Is there any sample project for ASP.NET application for comparison.
nelson marian


Thank you for coming back and providing the requisite information.
You have asked a couple of questions, so I’ll answer them accordingly.
Can you please give me to right DLL?
I will recommend using the GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET API for your application. As I mentioned earlier, the API is totally UI-independent(can be used in any .NET project), backend API which can be easily integrated into an ASP.NET application. Please visit the API’s documentation to have a better idea about the features supported by the comparison API.

Is there any sample project for ASP.NET application for comparison.
Did you check out the showcase project, hosted on github, I shared with you earlier? It contains some sample ASP.NET applications for comparison as well. Please download the github project and run the sample applications at your end for a better understanding of integrating the API in a .NET application. Also, check out the documentation of these front-end showcase projects for a detailed overview of how the applications are built using the API.

Please visit the following links. Hopefully, these links will prove out to be helpful in this regard:
1- Documentation
2- Nuget Package
3- Github source code examples(Showcase project contains your required examples)
4- MSI Package and Zipped DLLs

Please let us know in case you find something ambiguous.