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Comparing two documents but in the result file getting half comparison using .NET

We Have applied licence and comparing two documents but in the compared file we are getting half compared file kindly help this issue, we have uploaded two documents for comparing.

Please download the project from below link and change the source folderPath,sourceFile and targetFile file value in web.config.

folderPath :- The path where you placed the file which needs to be comapred

sourceFile :- Document1

targetFile :- Document2

Document1.pdf (98.5 KB)
Document2.pdf (592.9 KB)

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We can see that there are three images generated here GroupDocs_Project\GroupDocs_Project\GroupDocs_Project\ComparedImages
But when compiled and ran your application there is only one image in the browser screen.

From this do you mean that you want to show all three images in the browser screen?
If yes, then please replace code below:

<div id="finalfile" class="Container">            
      <img src="ComparedImages2.png" />

with this:

<div id="finalfile" class="Container">
   <% for (int i=0; i<3; i++) {%>
         <img src="ComparedImages<%=i %>.png" />
   <% } %>

Now 3 is the number of images generated as output. You have to keep it dynamic, count number of images generated as output and iterate loop to that number.

Hi, We need to change UI contents in groupdocs project so can we get groupdocs angular project .There is tag and we need to modify some contents kindly help us to get the code of Groupdocs angular project.


Our showcase projects are open-source. You can download and amend them.

Can you please specify what code you are exactly looking for?

we have downloaded groupdocs comparsion sample project and we are trying to modify UI from groupdocs angular js project but we need the code of tag, we have tried to search it but we couldn’t get kindly help us .

Below attatched a screenshot of it .
gdcomparison.JPG (39.3 KB)

gd-comparsion tag has implementation of UI related things but we couldn’t get the code of gd-comparision tag kindly help us to get the code of it.


Please note that files in node_modules folder must not be changed. You will lose your changes once a new or updated package is installed.
If you are willing to customize UI, we’d recommend you to extend our applications and perform any adjustments in your own version of application.