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Comparing two PDF files return null with temporary license applied in Java

When I deploy the project to the server, Compare result return null when Adding doccument pdf. i had temporary license. This is log:
errorPDF2.PNG (5.2 KB)
errorPDF.PNG (18.0 KB)
err3.PNG (19.2 KB)
extension: doc, xlsx : compare normal
I need to demo for customers to decide to buy GroupDocs.Comparison library, hope to help.


Can you please share the source and target PDFs with us?
Do you face this issue when comparing a particular set of PDFs? Or it is common for all the PDF documents?

target.pdf (173.2 KB)
source.pdf (129.6 KB)
Some sample i use to compare. when i deploy to server, error occurred. Comparing return null but when i compare in local, when i compare pdf in local, output is normal.


Can you please share server details with us?

@atirtahir3 I can’t public server of project. i only share for you some pictures of code and ui.
err1.PNG (46.0 KB)
err2.PNG (9.2 KB)
err3.PNG (10.0 KB)
err4.PNG (38.3 KB)
Hope to help.


Did you deploy/run this showcase project on server?
If yes, did you make any change in the project?

Because the above screenshot has a different layout.

No, i don’t deploy above showcase project on server.
I only base on this sample to do my project. I don’t know why there is a difference between my local version and my deploy version. Is it related to trial license or another reason? It is difficult to detect and find bug or your lib.


Do you face this issue with all PDF documents?
Can you please share problematic PDF files and above mentioned word/excel files along-with resultant/output document? Also share your license expiry date.