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Comparision documents group docs plugin

Hi I tried installing the pluging given on GitHub

But I am getting an error while installing ie. Sprazorview.wsp not found .

Please help !!


Thank you for your request. Please find the SPraozrview.wsp attached to my response . You should place it in the “virtualPathFix” folder.

Best regards.

SpRazorView is not installed , I am facing error now while running comparison setup.exe ie. GroupDocsComparison.wsp not found

Hi again,

I glad to hear that the first issue was resolved. As for the new one - please rename the “Comparison.wsp” to “GroupDocsComparison.wsp”.

Best regards.

After modification in web.config i.e after adding handler and modules, my SharePoint site showing a blank page.


Thank you for coming back. Could you please check your browser console and “system events” log for errors and share them with me.

Also make sure that you have granted full read/write access to the “documents” folder (which is in the Layouts/GroupDocsComparison folder) for all users.

Thank you.