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Comparison Demo Problem


I downloaded GroupDocsComparisonDemo. When I open the solution and run it (via IISExpress) It give me the below runtime error.

Operation ’ ’ failed: Requested value ‘ınsert’ was not found.

Error line is in Site.Master:

<%: GroupdocsComparison.CreateScriptsLoadBlock().UseHttpHandlers() %>

I ve check the sample files. all exists

Please help me to solve this



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Could you please provide more info about it. Please share with us next:

1. Version of your IIS
2. Which exactly comparison sample you tried to run (we have several examples in the demo solution such as MVC, WebForms etc.)
3. Which version of the Microsoft .NET Framework is installed on your local.
4. Provide steps which you made to run the sample (after installation you should open sample which you need with Visual Studio and compile it before run it)

Thank you and waiting for the details.



1. Use IISExpress with Visual Studio 2012
2. WebForms
3. .NET 2.0, .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5
4. After install the sample, open the GroupDocsComparisonDemo.sln, then set GroupDocsComparisonWebFormsDemo project as startup. Build this project then press Start Debugging. then I get the error below.

I ve tried Viewer sample. It works fine.



Sorry for the delay, we have tried to reproduce the issue but unfortunately we can’t. All works fine for us. Could you please check that you has access (read and write permission) for the “App_Data” folder.