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Comparison .NET API - can we generate redline file but not display in browser?

I downloaded trial of “GroupDocs Comparison for .NET 1.1.0”. Got the sample app working, now wondering is it possible to do a “pure server side” operation to take as input two streams on the server, and generate as output a 3rd stream that would contain the red-line?

Second choice would be disk files on the server instead of streams.

If so, do you have sample code to do that? Or can you point me to documentation on it?


Hello Mschiffrin,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. We are planning to add functionality you need in the next release of the "GroupDocs Comparison for .NET". We are waiting for the next release in the end of this week. Updated sample also will be published. So be tuned and feel free to ask us for any help you need. We will notify you when new version is released.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or requirements and I'll be glad to help?

Many thanks,

Sergey Zhuravel
GroupDocs Developer Support