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Comparison of particular Word documents gives exception in C#

(Internal reference: bug 16267) (575.6 KB)

This bug is slightly different from the others that we have reported recently. This problem will disappear if: text is removed or changed, or header is removed, or foter is removed, or headers are ignored when comparing the documents, or if write rights for users for parts of the document is changed in any way or added.
So there might be more than 1 error in these docs. (Also the filesizes are way to large for the content)
Symmetrical problem, so compare any of the docs in any order, and it will throw exception.

Error occurred in comparing Word documents
at .( [] , [] , CompareOptions , )
at . ( , CompareOptions , SaveOptions )
at GroupDocs.Comparison.Comparer.(Document , Document , CompareOptions , SaveOptions , )
at GroupDocs.Comparison.Comparer.Compare(Stream document, SaveOptions saveOptions, CompareOptions compareOptions)
at GroupDocs.Comparison.Comparer.Compare(Stream document, CompareOptions compareOptions)
at Canea.Common.DocumentFormat.Standard.DocumentContentComparer.Compare(NamedFileDataStream oldestDoc, NamedFileDataStream newestDoc) in C:[CANEA.NET](\Framework\dev\Common\Common.DocumentFormat.Standard\DocumentContentComparer.cs:line 42
at Canea.Framework.BLL.Docpoint.Document.DocpointDocumentComparisonHandler.RunComparison(NamedFileDataStream oldestDocument, NamedFileDataStream newestDocument) in C:[CANEA.NET](\Framework\dev\Lib\FrameworkLib\BLL\Docpoint\Document\DocpointDocumentComparisonHandler.cs:line 187

compare options:
DetectStyleChanges = false, GenerateSummaryPage = false
(HeaderFootersComparison = true removes this bug)

using (var comparisonService = new Comparer(oldDoc.DataStream))
Stream result = new MemoryStream();
comparisonService.Compare(result, CompareOptions);

Aspose.PDF 19.9.0
Aspose.Words 19.10.0
(Aspose.Calc 19.10.0)


Using GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET version 20.4.2, we are getting below exception when the provided files are compared:

Unhandled Exception: : Error occurred while converting document.

However, we are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is COMPARISONNET-2321. As there’s any update, you’ll be notified.

also reproduced with 20.1.0 for this one also

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Thank you. We are already investigating it as this issue is reproduced using latest version of the API.

Hi, any updates on this issue?


This issue is still under investigation. As there’s any update, you’ll be notified.

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The issues you have found earlier (filed as COMPARISONNET-2321) have been fixed in this update. This message was posted using Bugs notification tool by atirtahir3

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