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Comparison tool functionality

Hello! I have some questions about the comparison tool:

-Does the compare tool allow to adjust its accuracy, so that it compare whole words instead of letters?
-Does the comparison tool allow comparisons only on specific sections of the document?
For example, in two documents, with 10 sections each, would it be possible to compare only 4, 5 and 6?
-Does the tool allow to manipulate paragraphs, insert/delete text, and detect sections, just like ApachePOI?
-Can we download a trial version? We have tried with maven dependencies, but it gives an error, maybe could be a credentials matter.
-The comparison tool, what editing limitations does it have, compared to apachePOI?
-Is there a possibility to work with your tool combined with apachePOI?
-Is there a trial version with all the features available in the paid version?



You can adjust the comparison sensitivity.

There’s no such feature. But you can accept or reject the comparison differences. For example, you can accept the comparison differences for a certain section and reject others. Moreover, we are investigating this scenario, your investigation ticket ID is COMPARISONJAVA-1333.

API can detect item style changes (e.g. inserted, deleted or modified/changed item styles).

Please get the JAR file from download section.

API doesn’t allow documents editing, it just compares source and target files.

GroupDocs.Comparison for Java is UI-Agnostic. Hence, it can be integrated in any Java application without any third party tool or software dependency.

Yes, please avail the temporary license here following the wizard. You may need to explore licensing and evaluation limitations.

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Thank you very much for your answer and support, we will continue evaluating the tool.


You are welcome.

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