Compatibility with GlobalSign Digital Signing Service


Is the GroupDocs Signature product compatible with the GlobalSign Digital Signing Service? If so, does anyone in your company have experience using the GroupDocs product to generate PDFs in a custom .Net application and affixing a GlobalSign digital signature to a PDF? We are currently using iText to generate PDFs so would the GroupDocs product replace the use of iText?



Thank you for taking interest in GroupDocs.Signature for .NET and posting your concerns.

Please note that GroupDocs.Signature for .NET doesn’t allow custom PDF generation. It can only be utilized for signing purpose. API supports these document formats. Let us elaborate you how this API works:

  • Get a file/document as input
  • Apply signature
  • Save output file/document

However, our sister company offers Aspose.PDF for .NET. Using this API you can generate custom PDF documents. Please visit this article. Moreover, it also allows you to digitally sign the PDF.
If you want to use GlobalSign digital signatures. You can generate custom PDF using Aspose.PDF and use GlobalSign to affix signatures.

Aspose.PDF for .NET can meet this requirement and can replace iText.

For further assistance on Aspose.PDF, you can raise your queries here.