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Compatibility with Windows XP


I have attached you an screenshot of the error that we are facing.

It happends in Windows XP, may be is that the reason?




Hello Alexis,

We are sorry to hear that you have issue. As we can see from your screenshot you use Viewer in the WebzFroms desktop App. Our Viewer in such case work via WebBrowser component and in case using Win XP here we have a problem - in the Win XP default browser is IE6 and our Viewer require IE8 as min version.

Try to update the IE to max version which supported by XP.

Best regards.


We have detected this issue working with IE8 in XP.


Hello Alexis,

Thank you for coming back. In such case try to add this code:

In to the head section of the page.

Best regards.


Yes, that line of code it’s already present in my head section


Hello Alexis,

In such case to be able to reproduce the issue and fix it for you we will need next:
1. Which version of the Viewer you use?
2. Please prepare and share with us example of the project which will reproduce the issue.

Thank you.