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Connector requires a database



Looking at the connector interfaces it looks like a database is mandatory:

1. IConnector interface contains the following methods that should be in the rather in the IDatabaseConnector interface:

public abstract ISystemInfoDao getSystemInfoDao()
throws AnnotationException;
public abstract IUserDao getUserDao()
throws AnnotationException;
public abstract void closeConnection()
throws AnnotationException;
public abstract void openConnection()
throws AnnotationException;
public abstract IStorageSchemaUpdater getStorageSchemaUpdater();

2. IDao interface defines a database specific methods:

public abstract void createTableIfNotExists()
throws AnnotationException;

3. All objects implement ITable which requires the ID to be an integer whether in our case it’s a string.

Can that be changed?


Hello Mariusz,

The IConnector interface represents the whole structure of meta-data classes. Currently we started from databases and data processing in the application is implemented that way. Thank you for these suggestions. We already think about improvements in this area, but it is a huge amount of work to change something there correctly.

The IDs are internal IDs, you can use them just for internal data manipulations. The part that implements saving and loading data from your storage should not care about IDs, you can just process objects in some order.