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Content search issue in PPTX file in .NET

Dear Support,
I have a problem searching for contents in a very simple PPTX file (1 slide). I’m trying to find a word that I entered in the first slide, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I tried to do the same thing with the other office files and it works.

How do I solve the problem for PPTX files?


just to inform you that if I try the same file and save it in PPT (old office) then works correctly.

This is the code:

GroupDocs.Search.Index oIndexFile = new GroupDocs.Search.Index();
GroupDocs.Search.SearchParameters oSP = new GroupDocs.Search.SearchParameters();
oSP.UseCaseSensitiveSearch = false;
GroupDocs.Search.SearchResults oSearchResults = oIndexFile.Search(“kike”, oSP);

if (oSearchResults.Count() >0) bGotFile = true;

I tried uploading the PPTX file but your website doesn’t allow me to.

I converted the file to PDF format and the behavior is even worse. The application crashes. That is the error message:

An unhandled exception of type ‘System.StackOverflowException’ occurred in Unknown Module.

I attached the PDF file.

The source code is same as before.
New Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.pdf (222.5 KB)

Why no one answers?


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Search for .NET. In order to investigate your reported issue, we need you to provide us following details:

  • GroupDocs.Search for .NET API Version
  • Sample Files(Attach in ZIP format)


I’m using the latest version available on NuGet.

the file attached:

New Microsoft PowerPoint (27.4 KB)


Thanks for providing us the sample files. Your reported issues for PPTX and PDF file formats are reproduced and we have logged them in our issue tracking system (with IDs: SEARCHNET-1552, SEARCHNET-1553 ). We’ll keep you updated in case of any useful information.