Conversion from EML to PDF with attached office password encrypted documents failing in 24.1 while it was working in 21.5

I have upgraded from 21.5 to 24.1, and the EML to PDF conversion is not working anymore as it used to with the older version.

If, in the EML file, there is an attached MS Office document, that has been password encrypted, the converter does not return the body of the mail anymore in PDF. This is working fine in 21.5.

Any ideas ?


Could you please share the problematic file and the sample conversion code? We’ll investigate this scenario at our end.


Unfortunately the organization policy does not allow me to share files, but it is easily reproducible, simply create a new mail (with MS Outlook), attach to it an MS Word or MS Excel document that is password encrypted protected.

Here is the converter code :

Converter PDFConverter = new Converter(InputFile);
PdfConvertOptions options = new PdfConvertOptions();
PDFConverter.Convert(InputFile + “.pdf”, options);

Another strange behavior :
Create an email, attach to it a simple PDF file + an MS Excel document that is password encrypted. The result, after a loooooong processing time, will be the PDF file that is attached, the mail body is nowhere.

Okay, so I am answering myself on this one.
Figured out that I have to use the Depth property in LoadEmailOptions. Set it to 0 in order to get only the body of the mail and disregard the attachments.

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Good to know that the issue is resolved.