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Conversion from PDF to any of the image formats fails inside Docker container using .NET

Installed package: GroupDocs.Conversion, Version=“20.1.0”

.NET version: netcoreapp3.1

Description: Conversion from PDF to any of the image formats fails with the exception GroupDocs.Conversion.Exceptions.GroupDocsConversionException : Not implemented .

Issue reproduces only inside Docker container, on Windows conversion succeeds. Tested both on Alpine and Debian base images with the same failure. Samples of Dockerfiles are provided below.

Conversion code sample:


Exception thrown:

Error Message:

GroupDocs.Conversion.Exceptions.GroupDocsConversionException : Not implemented.

Stack Trace:

at GroupDocs.Conversion.Converter.Convert[TFileType](SaveDocumentStream document, ConvertedDocumentStream documentCompleted, ConvertOptions`1 convertOptions)

at FileCreator.Converters.Images.PdfToJpegConverter.ConvertToJpeg(Stream source, Int32 width, Int32 height)

Debian Dockerfile:


Alpine Dockerfile:


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We are investigating this behavior of the API. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONNET-3787. As there’s any further update, you’ll be notified.

We’ve notieced that issue conserning Streams

and upgraded lib to the 20.3 version as it was mentioned.
Now Conversion works, so close the ticket please.

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