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Conversions perpetually in postponed state

I’ve found that when using the REST API to request conversion jobs, usually jobs will quickly enter the “archived” state which means they are available for download. But sometimes jobs will enter a state called “postponed”, which they never leave (some of my jobs are still in that state for a day or more) How can I know whether these jobs are failed and should be retried or failed for a legitimate reason (like a bad input document) and should not be retried? If you need this information, the job ids currently stuck in this state are:

[408366, 408364, 408346, 408070, 408020]


Hello Carl,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. We checked all yours jobs and found no problems with them. Please try again by restarting all your jobs.

To do that please use “UpdateJob” method from Async API. To restart job please set the status to pending and the scheduled time.

You can try this method online here -!/async/UpdateJob_PUT

If this will not help you please come back to us.