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Convert a document to PDF/A-3 format using C# .NET

(I did put this question to Sales but they directed me here.)

I have a requirement to be able to convert standard PDF documents and MS Office documents to PDF/A-3 format using C# .NET. Is this something your converter product can do?

So for example we might want to do the following types of conversions…

• XLS, XLSX to PDF/A-3
• PDF to PDF/A-3
• DOC, DOCX to PDF/A-3

We’d also potentially want to

• Insert a cover page
• Add to header, footer
• Add a watermark

Also how different are your GroupDocs components to the Aspose components? I’m thinking that the former are more suitable for what I need but I’m unsure.


Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET and posting your concerns. Please see this article in order to learn about supported document formats. As far as conversion of documents to PDF/A-3 format is concerned, we have logged an investigation in our internal issue tracking system with ID:CONVERSIONNET-2241. As we get any update from the concerned team, we’ll apprise you. However, you can add watermark while converting a document. Please go through this article.

Can you please elaborate this, do you want to insert cover page or add header/footer while converting docs (in converted/output document)?

Firstly - the article link sends me to a log in page. The credentials that are expected are different from this site.

Regarding the bullet points - I want to do both - i.e. insert a page at the beginning - and then possibly add to the existing header/footer areas of a document. So - as a simple example - the first page my just have one word on it e.g. “Restricted”. The same word might appear in the header or footer.


Please try to access the article again.

Do you want to insert a page and add footer/header while converting a document? For example you have a 5 paged word document and you want to convert it in PDF by inserting a page in beginning. In this case output PDF will possess 6 pages. Aside this, you have a footer only on a single page of word document and you want this footer on all 6 pages in output/converted PDF file right?

OK - another view point.

Say we had a Word document which current has no footers. The target is PDF. We want to insert a cover page at the beginning. But we also want to insert a footer on all the pages.

Also - going back to our original request I did specify PDF/A-3. It now seems that we only need to convert to PDF/A-1 version. However I’m unsure as to which sub-version.


Currently, API doesn’t support any such feature. However, you can add watermark while converting a document (at bottom or top by specifying position of the watermark). We also logged your use-case/scenario in our internal issue tracking system as an investigation with ID:CONVERSIONNET-2244.

We’ve also asked about this (support of PDF/A-1 format/version) from the production team. As we get any update from them, you shall be notified.


We got an update on CONVERSIONNET-2241. You can see list of PDF types that API supports. PDF type can be set up/changed as follows:

var saveOptions = new GroupDocs.Conversion.Converter.Option.PdfSaveOptions();
saveOptions.ConvertFileType = PdfSaveOptions.PdfFileType.Pdf;
saveOptions.PdfOptions.PdfFormat = PdfOptions.PdfFormatType.PdfA_3A;

As we get any update on CONVERSIONNET-2244, we’ll apprise you.


We got an update on CONVERSIONNET-2244. As per production team this feature cannot be added in GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET.