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Convert a document to PDF issue in .NET


I tried to convert an especific word document to pdf using the groupdocs version 3.0.0 in C#, but I got the message “failed to convert document.docx to Pdf”
After that, I opened the document on Word, selected the text and clicked to clear all formatting. Then I tried one more time to convert it to pdf and it worked.
After many attempts, I discovered that the conversion problem was in the formatting of a marked list that had another marked list inside of it and this internal marked list had another market list inside of it. When I cleared the formatting of that section and tried to convert again, it worked.

I would like to know if thare is any kind of rule to convert Word documents to PDF, because it’s strange not convert a document in that case described.
If there isn’t, I would like to know what I should do to fix this problem without change the version of the groupdocs.

The code snippet is above

var pdfType = FileType.Pdf;
var conversion = GroupdocsConversion.Instance();
convertResult = conversion.Convert(baseFileName, pdfName, pdfType);

Best Regards,
David (12.7 KB)


Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET and posting your concerns.

Let us investigate the issue to know it’s severity. Then we’ll inform you accordingly. We’ll try to facilitate you as much as possible.

Thank you to support me in this issue.

I don’t if it would help you, but I downloaded the trial version of the newer GroupDocs today and i tried to do the same conversion I mentioned earlier with the same file and it still not working.

Thank you for your time in consideration

Best Regards.
David Tigre


Issue is reproduced at our end using version 18.10 as well. We are investigating it and you will be notified as we have any further update.

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Your reported issue CONVERSIONNET-2819 is resolved in API version 19.11. This is the output.pdf (27.9 KB) we’re getting using latest release.