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Convert a PPT document with cropped images to ODP using C#


I have an Office powerpoint (ppt) file with an image in it. The image has been cropped in Powerpoint.

The ppt file gets converted to an odp file format. The image in odp has the same height and width as the cropped image in the ppt but the image is not cropped, its the whole image scaled to fit the new height and width. Examples are attached. Please compare the images in the top right of presentations.

Kind regards,

Alex. (1.0 MB)


Thank you for taking interest in GroupDocs.Conversion and posting your concerns.
In order to investigate this issue at our end, we need following details from you:

  • For which platform you are evaluating the API (Java or .NET)?
  • Which version (e.g. 18.6, 18.7) of the API you integrated in the project?

Hello, sorry for the slow response I had a day off on Friday.

​We are using the .Net version v18.5. I’ve also now created a paid support ticket for this (#4404). There was a problem with my account that was preventing me from raising the ticket last week.


Good to know that you are now able to create the tickets.