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Convert a PPTX file to Image in Java

The following exception occurs when converting pptx file to image using the GroupDocs API.

java.lang.Exception: C:\Windows\system32\ko-KR Source) Source)
com.groupdocs.conversion.utils.wrapper.filesystem.FileInfoWrapper.openRead(Unknown Source)
com.groupdocs.conversion.handler.b.(Unknown Source)
com.groupdocs.conversion.handler.b.(Unknown Source)
com.groupdocs.conversion.handler.ConversionHandler.(Unknown Source)

The test environment is as follows:
server :: windows server 2016
webapplicationserver :: jeus7
java version :: jdk8

I would be grateful if you could reply to my e-mail.
I look forward to your quick reply
thank you.

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Please specify following details. We’ll then assist you accordingly:

  • API version (e.g. 19.6, 19.10)
  • Sample code
  • Problematic PPTX file

The requested details are below. Looking forward to your quick reply.

Thank you.

  1. API version (e.g. 19.6, 19.10)


  1. Sample code

String outputPath = AIScriptManager.aiProps.getProperties(“imagePath”);

       String storagePath=AIScriptManager.aiProps.getProperties("attachFilePath");

       ConversionConfig conversionConfig = new ConversionConfig();






       SaveOptions saveOption = new ImageSaveOptions();


       ConversionHandler conversionHandler = new ConversionHandler(conversionConfig); //I suspect that an error occurred on that line

       ConvertedDocument convertedDocumentPath = conversionHandler.<List<String>>convert(pptxPath[i], saveOption);

       int totalPage=convertedDocumentPath.getPageCount();

       for (int page = 1; page < totalPage+1; ++page)


           String fileName = getFilename();

 , page);



  1. Problematic PPTX file (25.0 KB)

Please check the attached file

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Thanks for sharing the details.
We cannot reproduce this issue using version 19.10 and the code below:

ConversionConfig conversionConfig = new ConversionConfig();
ConversionHandler conversionHandler = new ConversionHandler(conversionConfig);
ImageSaveOptions saveOptions = new ImageSaveOptions(); 
String guid = "D:\\Samples\\manager00.pptx";
ConvertedDocument convertedDocumentPath = conversionHandler.convert(guid, saveOptions);
int totalPage=convertedDocumentPath.getPageCount();
for (int i = 1; i <= convertedDocumentPath.getPageCount(); i++) {"D:\\Samples\\output" + i + "." + convertedDocumentPath.getFileType(), i);

See the output (489.1 KB).
However, we noticed one thing, if the presentation file is corrupted (it was damaged for some reason when I extracted it first time), you will get an exception (class com.groupdocs.conversion.internal.c.a.s.internal.da.j: Unknown file format.). We extracted the file again and performed a successful conversion.