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Convert a Word document with bar chart to PDF using Java

if i’m using a bar chart in a word document that has a series defined with no values in any of the rows, GroupDocs conversion to .pdf puts values into those rows with the first row having the value of 1 in the empty series and each row after incrementing by 1.

we are using the java interfaces with groupdocs conversion version 17.7.1

here is an example file: more broken-4.docx

it seems to be a consistent issue.



Thank you for taking interest in GroupDocs.Conversion for Java and posting your concerns. We reproduced this issue in 17.7.1 version of the API. However, using 17.12, we didn’t face such issue. Please find the output file generated from both versions and see if 17.12 resolves your issues.
17.7.1 output.Pdf (18.4 KB)
17.12 output.pdf (18.0 KB)
And see this screenshot (comparison of source document with output) source and output 17.12.JPG (106.6 KB)
Please clone or download our sample example project from here. And evaluate latest version of the API.