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Convert a Word document with graphs in Java

groupdocs version: 18.7 for java
os: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

the attached document renders in groupdocs with some lines in the graphs not showing up. also in the file are images that show the graphs rendered from groupdocs and another showing it rendered from libreoffice. (1.8 MB)



Can you please further elaborate this issue? We investigated the documents you shared and noticed this - graph issue.JPG (98.3 KB)

We can see that document converted using LibreOffice has small lines as highlighted in a red rectangle and GroupDocs.Conversion for Java output has no such lines.
If you have a look at the source document, it doesn’t have such lines as well.

We’d appreciate, if you further elaborate this issue.

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thanks atir! i was not aware that the original document didn’t have the lines. i’ll ask our support what their concern actually was and get back to you.

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