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Convert certain PNGs and JPEGs to PDF issue in .NET

I am having an issue attempting to convert certain PNGs and JPEGs to PDF, where they produce a valid PDF, but it’s blank.

I am also using a Stream instead of loading from a physical file.

What version of GroupDocs.Conversion are you running?


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Please share following details:

  • Sample PNGs and JPEGs
  • Code or sample project that you are using for document conversion
  • API version that you integrated in the project


sample files are attached.
sample.jpg (2.5 MB)
sample.png (39.0 KB)

API version is GroupDocs.Conversion 20.1.0

I took the GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET examples and created my own ConvertPngToPdf and ConvertJpgToPdf classes, pulling the file both from the local filesystem as well as from Azure Blob Storage and passing into the Converter as a stream, and in all cases, the conversion worked as expected.

So I am going back through my code again to try and see if there’s anything I’m doing incorrectly.



Yes, please check. Because we cannot reproduce this issue at our end. Attached are the PDF outputs output (3.2 MB).

@atirtahir3 - is there any verbose logging that I can turn on when a converter is running?
I see that I can

To note, in my application, I also have a reference to Aspose.PDF (licensed) , which I have also upgraded to the 20.1.0 release. Is it possible that those 2 share something that might be causing a conflict?

I’m continuing to try to reproduce this issue outside of my application

@atirtahir3 I believe that this post is now a duplicate of my other post:

I will move back to THAT other post to continue our conversation.


Ok, you can further share details there.