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Convert DOCX to HTML

Is there any option available that will retain HTML tables in converted files (html format)
We need HTML output contains the HTML tables for our compliance use case.

We are in last stage of finalizing the DLL.

Attached is the reference docx files which i used to convert to HTML format

Any help will be greatley (18.1 KB)


Do you mean proper table tags/code in the output HTML file? As there is no issue in conversion process and the output looks similar to the source file - output.PNG (97.7 KB).

Yes i need table structure if word document has table. Conversion is done and table like structure is created with div

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Thank you for the clarification. We are investigation this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONNET-4060. You’ll be notified in case of any further update.

Thank you so much.

Is there any option available to retain the table structure in html document

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Yes, please try to set convertOptions.FixedLayout=false when converting to Html:

MarkupConvertOptions convertOptions = new MarkupConvertOptions();
convertOptions.Format = MarkupFileType.Html;
convertOptions.FixedLayout = false;

This will convert the table using table tags. Have a look at this screenshot.png (106.3 KB).