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Convert RTF to html with adjustable output in Java

On converting RTF to HTML, I found that it is created with absolute positions.

So for example if I have RTF like below (sample is of font size 6, but in my case actual font size was 52):

1-Long text to be spreaded among the pages…

The converted output of that block is:

So if i resize the browser, the text does not wrap accordingly. it is totally static and positional.
I noticed that the class awspan and awdiv are declared as below.
.awdiv { position:absolute; } .awspan { position:absolute

Is there any way to generate non-positional HTML, which can adjust text with size of browser?

Something similar to:
1-Longtext to be spreaded among the pages…

Hi Vishal,

Thanks for showing interest in GroupDocs.Conversion for Java and posting your concerns here.
Can you please tell us which version of the API (GroupDocs.Conversion for Java) you are evaluating or integrating in your project?
We’ll surely appreciate your response.

Best wishes
Thank you for your reply. I am using the version 3.0.0.

For your reference my maven dependency is:



Hi Vishal,

Thanks for your response.
Can you please provide us the problematic file/document ?


Hi Atir,

Please find attached zip file.
It contains three files:
1 - Rich Text Document.rtf -> Rich Text file I am trying to convert in HTML
2 - groupDocs.html -> HTML generated by groupDocs. If you open this HTML and minimize your browser, it will not wrap the text it contains.
3 - openOffic.html -> HTML generated by OpenOffice service. If you ope this HTML and minimize your browser, it will wrap the text, so content generated is getting adjusted according to browser’s width.

I like to know if I can generate scalable html using GroupDocs or not.


Hello Vishal,

We investigated your issue and we are able to reproduce it at our end,
Hence we have logged this issue in our internal issue tracking system with ID: CONVERSIONJAVA-199.
As we’ll get any update from the concern team we’ll notify you.

Please stay tuned.

Hello Amin,

Can you provide Vishal with an ETA on this issue?

Hello Justin,

Thank You for your patience.

We have asked concerned team about this issue, we shall notify you, as soon as we’ll get any update form them.

Best Wishes.
Hi Muhammad,

I can understand that you have your own business goals and development priorities.
Though if you can have me idea on considering these issues - like if any recent progress has been made on it or you have any rough idea during what time these issues will be considered, I will really appreciate your feedback.

@vishal1 ,

We appreciate your patience.This issue is still under investigation. As we have any update from, we’ll apprise you.


Please download latest version of the API 19.10. HtmlSaveOptions has a property FixedLayout. Try to set it to false e.g. options.setFixedLayout(false). This will generate simplified markup and flow layout.