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Convert Word file to PDF, unable to open output in .NET

Hi Groupdocs,

After using GroupDocs.Conversion to convert from Microsoft Word and Excel documents to pdf, sometimes I am unable to open them. When I try to open the newly generated pdf I get “There was an error opening this document. This file is already open or in use by another application.”. I am only able to open the pdf after I stop IIS.

Any solution for this issue? I need the file to be available after the conversion without stopping IIS.

(This is for .NET framework)


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In order to investigate this issue at our end, we need following details:

  • Please share the API version (e.g. 19.9, 19.11) that you integrated in the project
  • Sample code or project using that issue could be reproduced

Sorry for the delayed response @atirtahir3.

Currently we are testing with 19.11.0 version of the API.

The code we are using is the sample code from here:

using (Converter converter = new Converter( "sample.docx" ))
PdfConvertOptions options = new PdfConvertOptions();
converter.Convert( "converted.pdf" , options);


Can you please try with version 19.12.1? Let us know if it resolves the issue.


Version 19.12.1 solved this issue. Thank you.

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You’re welcome.