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Converted File Email


Is there a way to turn off emails that are sent when a converted file has been processed?


Thank you for your request. To disable such email notifications please navigate to your GroupDocs account settings and uncheck “Send system-wide email notifications” checkbox which placed in the Apps->Misc as shown on this screenshot.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.


If I turn off system wide email notifications, will that also turn off the signature notifications as well? I want to keep those going as we use custom signature notifications.



Thank you for coming back. In such case you should disable email notification when you create a new conversion. In the GroupDocs dashboard you can do it as shown on this screenshot .

From the API you can do it by setting Null to the “emailResults” parameter in the “Convert” method.

Hi Pavel,

The emailResults param is already set to null (this is the 3rd argument passed into the Convert method).

But we still get the emails.


Thank you for your request. Could you please share with us a job id that we can check it. Also please try to set emailResults = false instead null