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Converted PDF file is larger in size as compare to source document in .NET

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Hi GroupDocs Support Team,

We are using groupdocs conversion API (Version: to convert files of different sizes and in turn we are getting the converted PDF files with varying sizes ranging from 5th times or 6th times the size of the original file.

Further, we can seen that adobe itself provides configurable settings to reduce the size of the pdf files. Please find the screenshot attached for your reference.
Please advise us:-

  1. if is it possible to generate lighter files or reduce the size of the files generated via GroupDocs, if yes, how can we do that? At the same time kindly note that, we don’t want to compromise on the time taken by API to convert non pdf files to files, Time taken should always be less than or equal to what we are observing as of now.
  2. Do let us know if you have any way to reduce the conversion time required to convert non pdf files to pdf?

Please let us know if you need any more information in regard to the above query.

Note - We are using function public static Stream ConvertToPdfAsStream() inside the class GroupDocsConversionUtility.cs to do the conversion.

Thanks and Regards
Hemant Adhupiya


Thanks for your inquiry.
We already shared the response we got from the product team on conversion of NON-PDF files to PDF here. However, we are forwarding your request to enhance API performance (conversion time and output size) to the concerned team. As we get any update from them, you shall be notified. Aside this, we’d recommend you to utilize latest version of the API in your project.