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Converting file too slow

hi team,

Our client purchased GroupDocs Conversion/Watermark this year and last year,
But they found some question when they use the product.

The situation is, in the previous system evaluation, it took about 2 seconds to convert a 4.8MB (12MP) jpg image, but in fact, when used in VM, the conversion took about 8 seconds.

Because the VM is actually much better than the evaluated test machine, I want to ask if there are any hardware that will affect the efficiency of the conversion when converting.

※There is a similar situation with watermarks, but there is no obvious difference when converting document files (docx / xlsx / pptx / …)

Could you please kindly advise your thoughts? Thank you!

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Document conversion process depends on multiple factors including document content (e.g. clip-art, tabular information, images). And based on that API consumes hardware resources.
As you said, VM is better then the test machine. Did you evaluate the API with a proper license on both machines? Does the VM has more resources (memory and CPU) as compare to the test machine? Did the issue appear only in case of this particular 4.8MB image (rest of the file formats take equal time on VM and test machine)? Are you using the latest API version that is 20.6.