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Converting XLS removes empty rows

I am trying to convert a XLS spread sheet that has some blank rows (for formatting). The converter is automatically removing all of the blank rows. It messes up the look of the document. I want to set an option to NOT remove the blank rows when converting. Any idea how to do this? I am using .net for the conversion.


You can set Spreadsheet load options as follows:

var loadOpt = new SpreadsheetLoadOptions();
loadOpt.SkipEmptyRowsAndColumns = false; 

By default it’s value is true. And then pass the loadOpt to Converter class.

Converter converter = new Converter("sample.xlsx", getLoadOptions)

Let us know if it resolves the issue.

Solved. That is exactly what I needed. Thank-you!

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This fix totally solved my issue. Thank-you!

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You’re welcome.