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Convertion to pdf

I want to convert docx file to pdf format in my java installed system in eclipse.

I just create a dynamic web project in eclipse then i creates a java class and copied the code from the url

Then i set the groupdocs jar file groupdocs-java-client-2.0.1.

Then it is asking for play framework related jarfiles.
I do not want to use play frame work .
i want to run this java class please post the solution.
Hello, Rameshs.

Thank you for interest in GroupDocs. The sample provided here is based on the Play framework. As you wrote, you don’t want to use it in your application. In this case you have to use code provided in a sample ( as a guide, not as the end solution. Look there how the GroupDocs Java SDK is used, import it into your project and perform those tasks and scenarios that are needed in your situation. You have to adopt this code to your application.