Copy Content between word files


I want to copy content from one document and paste into another one I am sharing the sample file with you. (27.9 KB)

I don’t know how to achieve this.

It’ll be a great help if I get to know how to achieve this.


Could you please share more details on this scenario?

Sample code and which API you are using for this purpose?

I am not using any API’s I need a suggestion what should I use


Our sister company Aspose offers this feature. Please take a look at Aspose.Words for .NET document builder.

Hello @atir.tahir I have created a api using Aspose.words, I am using multiple functionality of Groupdocs & Aspose in the api, following are the functionality I am using,

  1. GroupDocs Redaction

  2. Aspose.Words

Here I have am getting a candidate resume in a Web-Api in JSON format and I am creating a Resume with the request. The resume will be in a template which I am storing as a Sections (word file stored in a hard drive).

So, I have 11 Sections and few lists and sub-lists. (2.7 MB)

So, here I am using Groupdocs Redection to Replace Candidate Details with Actual data which I am getting in JSON format and creating a new file with FileName + “_redaction”.

after this I am using Aspose.Words to Add the section in newly created word file. and at the end creating a whole new file with all the data.

I am sharing the original File (1.0 MB) and File Created Using Aspose.Word (747.6 KB) there are many differences in both the files

I am also sharing JSON File (1.2 KB), Api created by me (2.4 KB) and
Entities (580 Bytes) for your reference.

NOTE: The major problem I am facing is the design of images in my templates are changing and blank pages are getting created even after I am forcefully deleting blank pages.

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