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Cosmetic issues with signing envelopes

a) After signing, it is asking if signer wants to make comments. Can the comments field be disabled?

b) When user clicks on the red tag in the top-right corner to zoom to “Sign Here” it does not work and makes the user scroll through the entire document to reach signature block. Is this because we are using the X,Y location to place the signature field and not drag/drop??? How do we make the Sign Here red-tag work if we are using X, Y location?

*** This should move cursor to signature block if clicked and not require scrolling

c) When signature request is sent; it asks user to create a GroupDocs account, can this be disabled?

d) When signature request is sent; if user does NOT create a GRoupDocs account, then it says envelope was “Signed by Anyone” which is not proper.

e) when e-sign is sent, it says the “envelope” needs to be signed/is signed, can this be changed to say 'document" needs to be signed/is signed? it is better if it says “document” not “envelope” since that could cause user confusion

Thank you for your inquiry.

a) if you create an envelope programmatically , then you should add this parameter canBeCommented:false to SignatureEnvelopeSettingsInfo class . If you use our dashboard then should disable this parameter .

b) could you please share with us a screenshot of the issue that you have , or you can share url for the prepared envelope. Because we can't reproduce your issue on our side

c) could you please specify did you mean this message that was sent to the recipient? If yes, then this option (create new account) can't be disabled at the moment. But you can change the email template that this text will not be showed anymore .

d) basically, you can assign several recipients to the one envelope and our API will send to you two types of messages . First type is , that the one recipient signed the envelope , next type that the envelope has done (means that all recipients have signed it, even if the recipient was one). So it is correct behavior of the API.

e) yes you can configure all emails that will be send via our service in your account settings , just choose needed template and change it.

We will wait for your details.


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