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Could you provide samples with MVC 4 and VS2013 please


The compile of the samples is v.messy in VS2013. I can get them mostly working but I suggest an update to MVC 4 at least, pref MVC 5 and appropriate re-compilation.

Further suggestions: an Odata query interface, reading docs from streams not http or file system - this requires a pre-loaded “file-open” dialog or some form of tree viewer of a document heirachy. But then of course you would have written my app for me…




Hello Robert,

Thank you for your request and interest in GroupDocs. Please download our examples here. In the examples package you will find example which works with streams (MVC example).

As for the custom example - since you are using trial license please contact our sales ( with request for custom example and if they will approve your request we will create such example.

Also sorry but we will not create your App for you. We doesn’t provide such service

Best regards.

Thanks for the reply. It doesn't contain any information that is not already available.

Obviously I already had the samples. The MVC sample is way out of date and my request was for one that worked with MVC4/5 not MVC 3 which went out with the Ark.

The rest of my request was a suggestion for extending your samples, not a request for a custom example. Its something you might consider if you wish the samples to be contemporary, working and relevant for todays developers.

And no, I don't expect you to write my app for me, just assist with my evalulation of what is quite an expensive product coupled with an out-of-date set of samples.

I don't think you read my original post properly...





Thank you for the clarification. Example project based on MVC 4 you can download here.

As for the assisting - if you will have any technical issues with our product we will certainly help you to resolve them.

Best regards.