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Cross-platform viewer

When we buy .NET version of the product, does it include Java version as well or should it be bought separately?

I’m asking because our app will be cross-platform so wondering what is the best option for this. We are testing with .NET version currently, but going to port to Linux later, so thinking about Java vs Mono.

Does .NET version work on Mono? Also, in terms of functionality - are they the same or one is ahead?


The .NET version of the product does not include Java version and it should be bought separately.

We can’t guarantee that .NET version will work on Mono as we’re focused on .NET Core support. The .NET Viewer is being tested on Linux targeting .NET Core. The Linux support is our top priority.

The .NET version is always ahead of Java. The Java version is a port of .NET and there is a time lag between them.

Both versions are cross-platform. What to choose is depends on the app type that you’re developing and your requirements.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Have a nice day!

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