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Curly Braces In File Name Issue

If a file has curly braces “{”, “}” in the file name an exception is thrown when calling GroupDocs.Viewer.Handler.GetPages

Example can be seen here:{LC1}%204Cs%20Leadership%20Practices%20Reflection.pdf&v=1

Removing “{LC1}” from the file name fixes the issue but thought you guys should be aware.


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer and sharing your concern with us.

We are able to reproduce your reported issue at our end. We have logged the issue as VIEWERNET-1682 in our internal Issue Tracking System for further investigation. We shall keep you informed in case of any updates.

Thanks Usman - I think the issue may be isolated to PDFs since a user was able to successfully upload a Word document with the same name.


Thanks for providing the additional information. We shall investigate the issue and keep you notified in case of any updates.


The issue you have found earlier (logged as VIEWERNET-1682) has been fixed in this release.

Thanks Usman!


You’re welcome.