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Custom property conversion issue


Dear there,
My question is :
Why when I’m using the DOC and I have used a custom property ( which read some fields from web application to write it in doc ) but the values weren’t in the DOC file ? Is there anyway to handle this issue I mean when am using a custom property under a DOC file , the values appeared correctly and assigned.

Best Regards!


Thank you for your inquiry.

As we understand you use custom form fields for .doc file with filled content, but after conversion the fields is empty. It is correct? If yes, then please specify more info about your variant of using our library: in which format do you try to convert the .doc file with the fields, also which configurations for the conversion you use. Will be useful if you also share this file with us and we will investigate it.

Basically, our library doesn't have any special parameter for convert such filled fields and by default it should convert all content of the file to other format.

We will wait for your details.


Best regards,
Evgen Efimov
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