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DEMO application does not run when deployed in IIS under a virtual directory


I am evaluating Comparison. The demo project works when running in VS but when I tried to deploy this to IIS it is not runnning. All the Javascripts are returning a 500 error.

Please see attached screentshot. One thing that I noticed is that when I deployed to IIS, it looks like the handler cannot resolve when it is on a virtual directory.

Is there any way I could make it work? Probably a guidance on how to override the scripts and CSS.




Hello Leo,

Sorry to hear that. It is very strange, because in the past there was a bug, which didn’t allow to use GroupDocs.Comparison in IIS under the virtual directory, but it was fixed a long time ago. I double checked it today, with the WebForms project, hosted under IIS 7.5, as the Virtual Application, which, in turn, is located inside the Virtual Directory; all is working fine without modifying paths in the HTTP-handler descriptor in the web.config or additional configuring. So your error is really strange.

Can you please check the following things:
1. What exact version of the GroupDocs.Comparison you are using? I mean assembly version, which can be found in the reference properties in the MS Visual Studio.
2. Which project from the “Comparison Samples” package you are using? You’ve deployed it to the IIS “as is”, or this project contains some modifications? If yes, can you send us that project?

Thanks and waiting for your response.


Hi Denis,

The DLL version is

I tried attaching the file but it kept giving me 404s.

Please use this dropbox to download the source code .




Hello Leo,

I think that the fact that you’re using an old version is the reason. We physically cannot provide support for old and obsolete versions. Can you please try to use the latest version and try to reproduce this issue with it? If this problem still will be present, we will review your project and will be working on it.



Thanks, Denis.

This resolved the issue.